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Black Sunday treat

The third day of shopping and getting ready for Christmas. It used to be the Black Friday/Cyber Monday that kicks off the Xmas gift shopping. However we notice a huge trend to start early. And we do encourage our customers to do so. It is less stressful and much more enjoyable to get all the presents ready as early as you can. OK. So what’s the Sunday deal? Well it is an automatic one again (it means it will apply automatically as long as your order meets the conditions). Buy a T-shirt or an item form Women Tops & T-shirts and get 70% off a tote bag or a print/sticker! There’s a wide range of tote bags which is simply...

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5 reasons why text-free t-shirts are better!

I love text-free t-shirts! Here are the 5 reasons why: The graphics, art, image should speak for themselves instead of putting the label on everything and everyone. I think text-free images let people think and imagine. Makes them create their own version and meaning for the drawing. Don't you think? Visually looks better Anyone can choose font and add text on a t-shirt. Not everyone can draw and design a graphic image. Better conversation starter than a text only t-shirt (all vulgar and sex-themed excluded) Would you care to share your favourite t-shirt? I'd love to see what moves you! Here are some of my favourites:      

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