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The creator of that famous 'Fox in the rain'

I think we waited way too long to introduce you to our favourite illustrator/ designer/ creator. Remember the fox? Fox in the rain, fox in the grass, jumping fox, fox and snow, sleeping fox?   All these beauties were created by Linas Kleinas. He is my cousin (in fact we were born the same exact day, same year! Only 2 hours apart). We also have an aunt that we used to call Lape (fox in Lithuania) and to be honest we still prefer calling her that instead of her real name. Here comes our mutual love for foxes haha.                                 Linas (left), Me (right) - my favourite...

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Lil the dancer - a girl from Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me

I am very excited to present recent collaboration between ARTsy clothing and artist/illustrator Ieva Vaseryte. We both are great fans of David Lynch. I found Ieva's instagram page and fall in love with her talent. When I saw Lil the dancer, I could not stop thinking about it and KNEW that I must add it to ARTsy clothing collection. So here it is! I am proudly present new addition to the family: Lil the dancer from David Lynch's movie Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me. Her quirky, sour face and craziness are perfectly illustrated by Ieva. My job was to carefully transfer the line work to the garment and hand paint those beautiful red hair. And I have to tell...

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30% OFF all t-shirts!

Long time, huh? All kind of things been going on: in between redesigning ARTsy clothing business cards, thank you stickers and notes, trying to photograph the stock left from our pop-up shop back in autumn, creating new designs for summer and so on and so on :) ARTsy clothing had a co-operation with summery weather and decided that it's time. It's time for a T-shirt season! YAY! So please enjoy 30% off discount on all t-shirt collection. The code 'tshirtseason' will do the magic and saves you money (for your next order hopefully!). Don't forget - the deal is available till Monday, so have a good look and enjoy shopping. Don't be selfish and share this deal with your friends!...

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Inspiration source - Placebo part 2.

So here I am again. With new designs available. The first one - Rat race t-shirt. Inspired while listening to the Placebo MTV unplugged.    The performance of Placebo was kind of magic. I enjoyed the sound, voice and the impressive visuals very much. This band inspires me big time and I am thankful them for that! Most of the times I draw the very first idea that pops on my mind while listening to their songs and usually it is direct reply to their lyrics. Usually I just draw without much thinking or in other words - I let my creativity flow on paper and refuse to label it or put a meaning. I am a strong believer that...

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5 reasons why text-free t-shirts are better!

I love text-free t-shirts! Here are the 5 reasons why: The graphics, art, image should speak for themselves instead of putting the label on everything and everyone. I think text-free images let people think and imagine. Makes them create their own version and meaning for the drawing. Don't you think? Visually looks better Anyone can choose font and add text on a t-shirt. Not everyone can draw and design a graphic image. Better conversation starter than a text only t-shirt (all vulgar and sex-themed excluded) Would you care to share your favourite t-shirt? I'd love to see what moves you! Here are some of my favourites:      

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