That moment when the brush touch the fabric and the paint spreads out making dots into spots, layering shades and mixing colours... That moment I know that I've created one of a kind. And this is what you get when you order from ARTsy clothing. One of a kind.
ARTsy clothing is a unique and quirky apparel shop. Based in Brighton, United Kingdom - where things quirky are daily norm. This town inspires by it's never-ending holiday mode and relaxed atmosphere. Other inspiration sources: band Placebo, tv show Twin peaks, David Lynch, people and dreams.
All designs/images are hand drawn first. High quality vinyl transfers (crisp and linear look) and fabric paints (artsy and flowy) are mixed together to create unusual and unique look. Every garment is different, one of a kind and made to order. There is no such thing as two identical items here! 
From tiny tots to granpas - there's something for everyone. So you'd better prepare to want ARTsy clothing!
One of the most important things for us is that extra care of our customers and listening to your needs: whether you want a gift note, shipment delay, rush your order, change the placement of the image, adjust the colours, add the text - contact us and we do our best to help you out!
Oh, and this is me - Ruta - the owner/designer/creator (and everything else) 
ruta lauzikaite artsy clothing designer
and designer/creator of quite a few foxes images - Linas
ENJOY browsing the store and keep coming back ;)