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Christmas gifts guide: picks for MEN

Our statistics are clear - the biggest gift buyers are women. Most of the times they buy for their men: partners, brothers, fathers. I personally love to take time and carefully select a gift for a special someone. Sometimes I even draw a 'map' of what that person likes, what he's into. It definitely helps when buying for HIM. Some men have everything, some doesn't know what they want or need or don't really care about gifts.  There is no doubt - they all wear T-shirts. Here is a special ARTsy clothing collection of my personal favourites (included some hoodies too!) that are great gifts and will make your men happy. 1. Custom dog t-shirt. It's popular all year round...

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Christmas Gift guide: 10 picks for the kids

When the magical Christmas time starts creeping on us, it's better to be WELL prepared. Even though we still have more than 2 months, there is no such thing as too early. Getting presents for the little ones is one of my favourite thing. If you're like me your kids (or your nieces/nephews/grandchildren) probably already have the trendiest/newest/coolest toys OR to be honest just way too many of them. Sometimes it's good to add some variety with new cool clothes. So they can show off their personality and style. These are 10 favourite picks for Christmas 2019: If you have a pet that your child adores, nothing beats this special T-shirt. It is hand painted directly on the tee. It can...

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6 issues as an independent clothing brand

Let's start with this: I am not complaining. Life is great when you can be creatively free and be your own boss. However, we are still a small business. And being small means you do everything. The only product in our shop that is being outsourced is pocket mirror. All other items are being designed and made 'in house'. I wanted to share our biggest obstacles that comes with this business and show THAT bit of our daily life. Issue No 1. Deciding on new styles/colours/prints It might be easy for a big company with a huge budget to do a research, but it is a bit different when you're small. I think I've already mentioned in my previous blogs that...

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How do you come up with new designs?

It's the question we often get. I remember there were times when I was laughing when someone suggested I should introduce new design every week. It seemed mission impossible. In time, however, I have trained myself to create regularly. I do not need to wait for inspiration or that special moment when I feel urge to create. I have learned to push myself a little bit. 1. POP UPS Sometimes the idea pops up in my head and I try to draw it straight away. I do not look for similar images online and do not check IF there is something like that already. I believe that it can block the original idea. Unfortunately not every time I get it...

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HO-HO-Holidays 16-23 April

So it is that time of year when we have to take some time off. Usually we come back home refreshed and with heads full of ideas. Hopefully it won't be different this time haha. The most important information you need to know: Orders placed BEFORE 18:00 Thursday (11th April) will be fulfilled and shipped by Monday, 15th April. Orders placed AFTER 18:00 Thursday (11th April) and midday 15th April MIGHT be shipped by Monday, 15th April, but this cannot be guaranteed. No orders will be fulfilled or shipped between 16th and 23th April. Order fulfilling and shipping will be restarted on 24th April. Apologies for any inconvenience, we will be sure to include this information to all order confirmation emails and...

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