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ARTsy clothing collaboration: kids fashion photography

In this world where social media is our daily life/norm it is so nice to find real people behind those screens. My dad was a professional photographer back in the days. He still loves it but I don't think I've got his 6th sense and intuition and just technical skills. I'm always rushing it (my moto 'better done than perfect' not quite works here) and when it comes to taking pictures of the little ones... oh my... they just move all the time! I accidentally found a photographer Christina Cunningham on Collabor8 app (the app for brands to find influencers/models/photographers to work with). She and her family lives in one of the wonderful Canary Islands (and my personal favourite) - Fuerteventura (since 2000!)....

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Boys Boys Boys!

We love seeing you or your little ones wearing ARTsy clothing gear. This time we want to share few of our favourites customers. And yes - Fox on a bike is one of the most popular t-shirt that looks great on active kiddos. Have a picture to share? Tag us (@artsyclothing) on your pics on Instagram or post on Facebook

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