ARTsy clothing collaboration: kids fashion photography

In this world where social media is our daily life/norm it is so nice to find real people behind those screens.

My dad was a professional photographer back in the days. He still loves it but I don't think I've got his 6th sense and intuition and just technical skills. I'm always rushing it (my moto 'better done than perfect' not quite works here) and when it comes to taking pictures of the little ones... oh my... they just move all the time!

I accidentally found a photographer Christina Cunningham on Collabor8 app (the app for brands to find influencers/models/photographers to work with). She and her family lives in one of the wonderful Canary Islands (and my personal favourite) - Fuerteventura (since 2000!).

I've sent her a couple of kids leggings and to be honest I was not expecting much (I had a few not so good experiences previously with influencers), but the results were stunning! I love her photography style, I understand how difficult sometimes it is to take a great picture of a child, but she is simply amazing. Her photos are natural, screams of nature and wildness and just full of warmth (Canarian Sun might be to blame). I have worked twice with Christina and I am pretty sure this is not going to be the end of our collaborations. 

christina cunningham photographykids fox leggings

After the busy holiday period, I've decided it's time to contact Christina again. She was very happy to work with ARTsy clothing again. This time we created something different and unique for the girls. Raglan shirts with Polar Bear and Zebra (both hand painted) that only appeared in our shop after this collaboration. Once again I received loads of lovely pictures that I cannot be more happy about and wanted to share them with you. 

polar bear kids raglan shirt

Now looking at these pictures again, it just makes me happy. I feel that good energy coming from them. I'm smiling and I feel that this is what ARTsy clothing is about - making you smile and feel good. And thanks to Christina for expressing it so beautifully.

Let me know what your favourites!

Find Christina on Instagram @christinacunninghamphotography and check out her beautiful website to see more of her work.




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