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Christmas gifts guide: picks for MEN

Our statistics are clear - the biggest gift buyers are women. Most of the times they buy for their men: partners, brothers, fathers. I personally love to take time and carefully select a gift for a special someone. Sometimes I even draw a 'map' of what that person likes, what he's into. It definitely helps when buying for HIM. Some men have everything, some doesn't know what they want or need or don't really care about gifts.  There is no doubt - they all wear T-shirts. Here is a special ARTsy clothing collection of my personal favourites (included some hoodies too!) that are great gifts and will make your men happy. 1. Custom dog t-shirt. It's popular all year round...

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Hand painted pet portraits: how we do it?

UPDATED September 2019. Creating and painting those custom pet portrait seems to be a very fulfilling and intriguing job! As the owner of two doggies (14yo Wire fox terrier and 7yo Jack Russel mix) I understand very well what is the love to your best friend. They are loyal, they are cute, they are funny. We received a huge amount of wonderful pictures of your pets in our last competition (to win a t-shirt). It was super difficult to choose one. They were all just too cute! But in the end we did it. So now I want to share the process in detail of how we make those portraits.  So first - the picture. For the best result we need...

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