Where do I start, where do I begin

Thinking out loud. Putting the words together. How it all started? Where does ARTsy clothing begin?  Listening to the perfect song: Agnes Obel 'September song'. https://youtu.be/J4CeMBz0Agk

Yes. So I was about to finish my third year in Brighton Uni - Architecture studies. Browsing job ads, looking for experience. Had plans to move to London...

You know what they say about having plans, yeah? :) Oh well. I always loved drawing (especially during the boring days at uni/school). Kinda helped me to unravel my inner thoughts/ideas.

It was all innocent (the drawing and creating part) and I swear I could never imagined that one day I could achieve what I have right now. And that ONE DAY finally came. I am working what I love, and what I love the most, that ARTsy clothing is all me. It is me from the beginning to the very end. All the process, all the system, all the little details. Sometimes it is a bit too much, but as a strong and motivated human being I know - I am capable of running it. And damn! I love running it!

The moral of this story would be that you can be what you want. It might take a year (or five!), but you'll get there. And the only fuel you need is passion. Trust me.


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