Valentine's day

So how is it going, huh? Seems like the Holidays were ages ago!

What's next? Valentine's day!

Some say it is not a real thing, some say it is just another reason to buy stuff, some say you don't need a reminder on the calendar to love somebody.

WE SAY, that we need to show love in all ways possible as often as possible. With or without gifts. Kind word, a compliment, a helping hand, a hug can do wonders. 

But what if your loved one is away and you want to make him/her smile and give something unique and special? What if you have a nice tradition to GIVE a bit more on Valentines day?

Head over to our Matching t-shirts collection. P.S. we love irony ;) and we have something even for those who hate Valentines.

Here are the pics for you to visualize a bit:

Also, we must mention the newest t-shirt in our collection:

If you are looking forward to Valentine's day and have an idea that you'd like us to make a reality: drop us a line! We are the happiest when we do custom orders ;)

Oh and also use a code: LOVE for £5 off on orders over £30.

Valid till 18/01/2018 12:00 only!

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