Time to review and reflect

So it is my birthday week. I think it's kind of a time to reflect and review.

When I moved to UK from Lithuania 10 years ago I couldn't in a million years imagine that I will be starting a business. On my own!

My dream and target was to study architecture and at some point joining architecture practice. I enrolled University of Brighton and have studied architecture But I even though I've learned a lot, opened my eyes, met lots of new people - I realised that architecture is not what I really want. I felt that I need to do something creative and was always always drawing. Everywhere. Everything. 

I was about to move to London with my boyfriend when we found out that... there's a baby on the way. We needed a new plan. I loved Brighton so much (still do!) and felt it would be a nicer place to start a family. Ideas in my head were buzzing.

I believe it was tie-dye leggings and tights that I could call a beginning of a really small business. I was absolutely new to this selling/marketing/pricing stuff and did lots of mistakes: underpricing, under-marketing and so on. eBay was the only platform I knew a bit so that was the start. 

I could definitely say that I was learning hard from my mistakes. There were loads of them. But little by little the photos of the products became more professional, products itself much better quality, spend less time figuring out stuff, became more efficient.

If anyone thinks of starting a new business. Do it. But believe me it is not an easy way of living. You have to be prepared to lose and sometimes to earn more than you expected. And even though the earning part sounds exciting - you have to carefully think about your upcoming expenses, taxes, etc.

It is so rewarding when you get a lovely email from a customer, or a nice review or a Facebook comment. It is good to look past and see how ARTsy clothing grew and how much there's still to grow.

Let's all look to ourselves now, reflect and review. Have a beautiful day!


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