Lockdown outfit ideas

The UK has been on lockdown for quite some time now — leaving many people feeling unmotivated when it comes to outfit ideas. Life feels much too mundane when staying indoors all day, so why not spice things up with some new stylish looks? While we know that you’re not really going out much due to the circumstances, we thought we could share some pieces from fellow British designers that you can wear during the lockdown. Here’s a little fashion inspiration to help you (and your wardrobe) get through these dreary times:

Walk in the Park

This outfit is casual enough for a walk in the park, but it will also make you feel like you’re dressing up to go somewhere eventful. Who’s to say that a walk in the park isn’t eventful these days? We decided to pair our fun leopard crop top with high waisted barrel jeans, an oversized black jacket, and some chunky black boots. Our leopard cropped sweatshirt will give this outfit just enough flair while still keeping the look very casual for a relaxing walk in the park.

walk in the park outfit

1. Black Chelsea boots  

2. Leopard cropped jumper, mustard   

3. Oversized black jacket 

4. High-waisted black jeans   


Work from Home

This look will make you feel fashionable while still wearing a comfortable fit as you work hard (or hardly work) from home. The pop of color on the white shirt will pair nicely with our black leggings with white bunnies. We’ve also added the option of a simplistic white trainers that will go perfect with the outfit if you decide to run out to the grocery store. Also, just in case of an unexpected zoom meeting: lovely linen jacket which is both fun and bright green, but smart enough for business.

work from home outfit

1. Green linen jacket  

2. White trainers 

3. Artsy clothing black leggings, bunnies

4. Graphic t-shirt  

Casual Day In

Is there anything better to wear for a casual day in than some adorable fuzzy slippers? We think not. This caramel wool cardigan matches the colour of the slippers almost too perfectly — so we decided to add a black cuffed jogger to further enhance the caramel tones.

casual day in outfit


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