How to juggle kids and work from home?

Sometimes (no - quite often I would say!) people ask me: how do you do it? 'It' is

  • opening a small store within a Indoor market (see first article in this blog)
  • having online shop
  • making all the products myself (did I mention that ARTsy clothing is a solo business?)
  • marketing and promotions
  • creating designs/drawing
  • taking care of 6 months old and 2.5 yo daughters 

Well, the answer is not straightforward and simple. I struggle sometimes and loose patience and feel like everyone is against me. And that no one is helping me. Right this moment, my youngest is trying to put her chubby legs on the keyboard and probably make her input to this blog. The other one is napping half on my bed, half on hers. Oh well. 

So yes, it is not easy sometimes. When the older one goes to the nursery (twice a week, morning sessions), I feel like I can do LOADS of work and no one is asking for my attention or help or jokes or cuddles or kisses. Weird feeling. I am not used to it. What would I do if had my own studio space and the whole day of time? or a week??? Some people say they can't put their 100% 'self' to the work if they aren't alone or kids playing around. I think it is just an excuse. You get in to your routine and start learning to juggle two or three things at once. Sometimes I draw together with my toddler on a lap, or promote my business on social media while feeding my baby. And I know it is not ideal, some might say that my kids probably not getting enough attention. No, they do get my attention and they do have a dad too, who jumps in and plays with them when I really need to concentrate. So it is possible to have business at home. And the kids grow way too fast. I enjoy every moment with them (well, ok not the moment of TANTRUM(s)) while I can.

I've never consider myself to be hyperactive or constantly need to do something to justify myself. Don't get me wrong on this. I do love chill in' and I am not morning person at all. But doing something I truly believe in and am passionate about feels so good. I am thirsty for success and know that it will come to those who works hard. 

Now pray for me :D

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