Inspiration source No 1 - Placebo

It's no secret. It's Placebo. My favourite band since I was 15. I should thank my brother who forced me to listen to cd's and he did not let me go until the song ends... Oh well.. I wasn't into them until at some point it just clicked... and I am a fan numero uno now. I went to numerous gigs and every time they surprise me by the quality of sound, respect to their fans, amazing vibe and atmosphere. Not many bands has such loyal fans as Placebo fans. Even my 2 years old is shaking her head and claps at the end of a song.

  Loud like love. The beginning of beautiful friendship.

 Brian molko book Brian Molko's Selected 

To me there is a song to every kind of mood. When I'm sad, happy, angry, in love, tired, cheerful, nostalgic. I listen and I feel better. I listen and I create. It inspired me to draw, to think and rethink. I know it's silly but I almost feel connected to this band in some way. Maybe it's because I discovered them almost 15 years ago and it feels as they're my friends (or should I say soulmates) now. 

 Placebo gig in London just two days before my birthday. Cool present, huh? ;)

One of a kind is a song that inspired me to draw a crowd of people with closed eyes and one in a centre - with closed eyes. That feeling when everyone's around but you're still feeling an outcast?

placebo inspired lady t shirt


Movie on your eyelids - another very special song to me. Brian's voice sounds so powerful and hypnotising at the same time. I can clearly imagine this being a soundtrack to a movie, can you? P.S. count the cigarettes in the drawing!



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I'll keep listening to Placebo and keep drawing. When there will be new drawings I will update my store. And I am sure it will be soon! 

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