3 Wardrobe Essentials for Ladies in 2021

The pandemic has left many living their daily lives in sweatpants and pajamas with nowhere to go. The vaccine rollout has people around the world waiting to unveil a fresh new style — with authenticity and uniqueness taking the forefront. While we absolutely love when people express themselves through style as we do when we design our clothing, it’s also important to note that everyone needs some basic wardrobe essentials in their closet. Here are three wardrobe essentials that you can rock in 2021 whether you love black or you want to bring the 90’s back:


  1. A Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are essential to have in your closet — they’re amazing pieces because you can either dress the garment up or down. Simply add some stylish heels and a fitted jacket to create a going-out look or add some trainers and a cardigan to enjoy some casual time spent with family (or with friends when the lockdown ends). Here are little black dresses we know you’ll love because they are exclusive at Artsy Clothing!

leopard black vest dress

black t-shirt dress bunny print        black t-shirt dress white fox in the rain

            hand painted birds t-shirt dress



  1. Black Leggings

One of the foundations of your closet should be a pair of simple black leggings. These are imperative because you can wear them anywhere. You could wear these to the local store or to meet the Queen — it’s all about what you choose to pair with these cotton leggings. Check out these black leggings from our shop; they’re essentially black leggings but with a little flair. 


black leggings white stick figures
black women leggings orange fox


black leggings pink flamingo
black leggings white bunnies



  1. Cropped Sweatshirts

Cropped sweaters have become increasingly popular over the years, but social media has been buzzing with the ‘cropped sweater look’ lately. Cropped sweaters are super trendy pieces that are versatile depending on what you choose to pair them with; it truly is all about what you decide to match things with that make the clothes a look. We find it fun to create cropped sweater looks that are distinctive and bring out an individual’s unique sense of style.

mustard cropped jumper sleeping leopard

cropped sweatshirt grey squirrels

dusty mint cropped sweatshirt

 mustard cropped jumper elephant print

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